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New Year Message 2011 of Qi Weiming (ANQ Chair for 2011-2012)

Qi Weiming
Chair for 2011-2012
Asian Network for Quality
Place: Beijing, China
Date: January 2011

Dear Friends,

As the New Year is approaching, I’d like to, on behalf of China Association for Quality (CAQ), extend my sincere wishes to all of you. It has been 8 years since the inception of ANQ in 2002. As a quality organization in Asia, ANQ provides a platform of communication and learning to the quality people in Asian countries and regions, besides, it attracts more and more attention from non-Asia quality organizations in recent years. With the common efforts of previous ANQ Chairmen and board organizations as well as non-board organizations, we have achieved some progress and positive influence by actively participating and conducting various activities and programs in line with the ANQ core values of “Honesty, Flexibility and Responsibility” and our common goal.

We appreciate you electing CAQ as the new ANQ Chair Organization for the year of 2011-2012. During my term, I will commit myself to the achievement of Quality of Human Life and Prosperity in Asia with all members adhering to the philosophies promoted by ANQ.

Finally, on this festive occasion, I wish all of you good health and all the best.

 With warm regards,

Qi Weiming
ANQ Chair for 2011-2012
Vice President & Secretary General of CAQ
at Beijing