Tin tức của hội


December 31, 2012 To: ANQ Members Dear Friends, As the year 2012 comes to an end I complete another assignment for ANQ that I undertook at the request of Mr. Qi Weiming, China Association for Quality (CAQ) the current Chairperson of Asian Network for Quality duly approved by the ANQ Board.

It has been a privilege for me to be associated with ANQ since its inception in 2002 as Board Member for 8 years including as Chairperson for 2009-2010 and the special assignment as General Secretary for the last two years. I appreciate the confidence reposed in me by the members of ANQ and for giving me an opportunity to serve the society. I have enjoyed working with all members during the last ten years and I thank you for your support. Last two years have been quite eventful as follows: 1. ANQ Congress 2011 in Ho-Chi-Minh-City was the first one being hosted by a non Board organization. The event was well organized and I compliment VQAH for the same. 2. ANQ Congress 2012 was jointly held by CAQ and HKSQ and that too in a University in alignment with ANQ Way. Congratulations to HKSQ for being a gracious host and to CAQ for sharing the Congress setting an excellent example of cooperation. 3. IAQMA and VQAH have been inducted to the ANQ Board. Congratulations to both for their effort in active promotion of quality in their respective regions. 4. ARE QP recognition was revived and it has been well accepted. 5. SQI has been elected as the Chair Organization and they in turn have nominated Mr. Kenneth Liang to be the Chairperson for 2013 to 2014. Congratulations to SQI and to Mr. Kenneth Liang for their contribution to ANQ that has been recognized through this election. 6. ISQ held the secretariat of ANQ for 4 years and it has now been transferred to SQI wef January 1, 2013. ISQ did an outstanding job in managing the secretariat and compliments to Brig J.K. Bajaj and Kokila. They made my job lighter by carrying out the routine work in an excellent manner. 7. The coordination of the World Alliance for Quality has been entrusted to ANQ for 3 years until 2014. Mr. Yury Gusakov was the previous Chairman coordinating on behalf of EOQ. Yury did an excellent work and his guidance is still available. Now that the ANQ begins its next decade I request all the members to continue their united effort to strengthen ANQ and make it the world’s premium organization for Quality promotion and support the incoming Chair Organization and the Chairperson. I take this opportunity to wish all the member organizations and their members a happy, prosperous and joyous New Year. May we all contribute to the improvement in quality of life of those around us? Kind regards, Janak Mehta